archiv~1.txt: SETI Seti: and the Post Contact Era.

SETI Seti: and the Post Contact Era.

Noel C. Welstead ( (no email) )
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 20:05:26 +1000

Dear Setizens,

We here in Oz have looked the possibility of obtaining some funding for
a study
of this very subject next year.

The societorial response to the post contact scenario is a very sobering

We, in Western society tend to be bombarded by ET everywhere we look.
is full of Aliens and the like, so our society has been getting used to
this type of
possibility now for years. Our children, if asked, will often tell you
that there is
flying saucers. space ships (like star wars) flying through space and
the fair maidens from those wicked alien flying saucers etc. After all
it's on T.V.

Other countries, that have more disciplined lives, especially in regards
to religion,
tend to be very different in their outlook. We are a small part of
Humanity and
tend to overlook the effects on other cultures should a contact occur.
There are
some predictions that this detection event could cause a giant upheaval
in many
societies and religions. Even cause a world wide civil war like the past
where between the Christians and the Muslims. There are problems that
still exist between these two fundamental religions even today. So what
would happen when
we finally know that we aren't alone. What religion would the new people
This is a good reason to go to war isn't it. It wouldn't be the first
time that this
has occurred. Look at the Spaniards and the Incas and what happened
there, it's
history now, but still relevant.

We plan to find some way of raising the $dollars for a proper
philosophical study
of what would happen in this scenario. Many academics I have spoken to
overwhelmed with thoughts on this issue and wanted to be included in any
we were to commission.

I have some good contacts who may fund something like this, and it would
be a
very worthwhile paper to have our name on!!! Don't you think??

Regards Noel Welstead.
Volcor Brisbane Australia