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SETI Sagan: Alien Invasion Week on TLC

Larry Klaes ( )
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 14:27:38 -0500

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>Subject: Sagan: Alien Invasion Week on TLC
>>Does anyone out there receive TLC (The Learning Channel)?
>>Anyway, this week they have episodes dealing with alien invasions. Has
>>anyone been watching this? Is it as bad as I think it is?
>Mt wife and I saw some of that. The show we saw was fairly even handed in
>that it had equal parts True Believer and equal parts Science Skeptic. They
>presented a lot of hypotheses, let the people do their spieling, and then
>concluded that there was still a lot more hard data to be gathered before a
>true decision could be made as to the truth or falsehood of UFO's being
>Frankly, I think most of the UFOlogists dug their own grave on this one. The
>skeptics were well spoken, readily admitting that they still had a lot to
>learn, while posing many an ordinary and plausible theory to explain cases
>from Tunguska to Roswell, Meteor Crater to Heaven's gate. The UFOlogists
>came off as being wacko, spinning wild-eyed (and not just a little paranoid)
>tales. Especially all those who attended the UFOfest in Roswell over the
>summer. It seemed like a big joke to me. My CS balogna detection kit was
>pinging like a rad detector at Chernobyl!!! I was making comments to that
>My wife dryly called me an anti-UFO snob, although even she rolled her eyes
>at a lot of the UFOlogists. I think we both agreed that 1) there probably is
>other life in the universe and that 2) the boat was not in yet as to whether
>or not said alien life had ever come to Earth in any form. Hard evidence was
>Keep in mind my wife has a soft place in her heart for the fuzzy thinkers. I
>suppose I do as well, but it's not as big or fluffy as my wife's. She still
>thinks too many scientists are holier-than-thou buttheads. Sometimes she's
>right. But she's a smart cookie, and versed in psychology and the methods of
>logic. She's a fearsome litigator in an argument, and can spot solid logic
>most of the time.
>What struck me hardest, and always strikes me hardest, is that UFOlogists
>make NO DISTINCTION between UFO's and *aliens*. They're one and the same to
>these people! Bad, bad, bad. As Sagan has said, just because you can't
>identify a light in the sky, that does not make it a space ship.
>P.S: If the aliens are here, watching, do you think they're amused by all of
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