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Fwd: Active SETI in the news
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 08:44:54 EST

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Re-sending for those severs (including mine) that didn't get it.

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Subject: Re: Active SETI in the news
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 15:11:23 EST
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You seem to be talking at me rather than to me.

1) 200Hz is --way-- to broad.

2)Scintillation is not a problem--it is a solution. You don't get this. And
unlike yourself, I am familiar with the 'scintillation' literature.

Choosing a spot on the sky SOLEY for minimum scintillation severely
compromises the figure of merit.

3) If I want to illuminate a pail with a diamond grain in a collection of
sand, shall I: a) look at each under a microsocpe at each one and then turn on
the light OR b) just illumate the whole damn thing.

4) I am stating, emphatically, that your efforts have made it difficult to get
funding. I have no interest in conveying to you where that funding may be

You should have done your homework. Even if you talked to Paul Feldman (at
NRC) you would have had a better sense of who to talk to and what to look up.