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Re: Active SETI in the news
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 06:47:38 EST

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>You seem to be talking at me rather than to me.
>1) 200Hz is --way-- to broad.
>2)Scintillation is not a problem--it is a solution. You don't get this. And
>unlike yourself, I am familiar with the 'scintillation' literature.
>Choosing a spot on the sky SOLEY for minimum scintillation severely
>compromises the figure of merit.

Send me the reference to article I will be glad to read them.
I think there is a misundertanding between us. You focus on
detection of signal, I focus a readability. If your are searching
short duration signal amplified by scintillation you are perfectly

As for convering the largest volume of space possible military radar
do the job very well. I dont want to compete with them.

Any way that's for your honest comments.

We may meet at the IAF meeting in Amsterdam this fall.

Yvan Dutil>>

My list posting never made it here to aol's server so I have no idea who got

If you can impress me with the notion that you have made a proper literature
search then I will take the time to provide references.

There is no mis-understanding between us. The issue isn't communication: Its
telecommunication. I will repeat it a final time for you:

1) you need to hit lots of targets SIMULTANEOUSLY to have ANY hint of a bona
fide figure of merit. And yes; of COURSE this is a reciprocal issue on

2) your target(s) were chosen with, at best, naive 'concerns' about QSB and no
concern about the FOM;

3) multipath will produce amplitude variations which require a different
modality than the one you have chosen. Yours is far from optimal and indicates
a lack of understanding of the propagation problems entailed;

4) The propagation issues are INDEPENDENT of the FOM and , with the right

5) Hedy Lamarr is as big a hint as I will give without you doing your

I have grave concerns that this 'active seti' scenario is yet another example
of 'creativity' in SETI which translates to --at best-- poor science. Now we
all pay the price with public humilation and turned-off donors.