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Re: SETI public: An Alien language and Dolphins.

As long as we're discussing the difficulties of communicating with ET, I'd
like to point out an older (1965) paper by Lambros Callimahos, a respected
cryptographer with the NSA (United States National Security Agency, a.k.a
"Puzzle Palace").

The URL is www.nsa.gov:8080/docs/efoia/released/ufo/ufo34.pdf

The parent page is www.nsa.gov:8080/docs/efoia/released/ufo.html

You'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader to see this. The author discusses use of
mathematical symbols and formulae to communicate facts about humankind's level
of understanding. He describes the need for "inverse cryptography" as a means
of establishing communications with ET.

Best wishes to all this holiday season!