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Re: SETI public: An Alien language and Dolphins.


I'm glad you liked the programme. Thanks for watching.

>I wonder if you came across anyone
>using the computer to try and solve the alien language problem *without*
>the use of any animals. PCs are now are becoming faster by the day...

>The problem I guess would be that as man has written the software etc,
>then the language generated would be 'tainted'.
>But a few generations of attemps by the PC may result in some very
>interesting messages coming out for us to try and decode.

I have never heard of this idea before, Albert, and it's brilliant. 
Effectively this would have to be a form of digital evolution - multiple 
iterations, survival of the fittest iteration, etc. The biggest problem I 
foresee is that the iterations would still all be based on the same basic 
rules of communication, set by the programmers - ideally one would want a 
wya to evolve the rules as well, so that pictures becames unacceptable, 
say, and multi-layered hologrammatic communication became acceptable. All 
this would have to happen out ofd sight of the candidate decoders...

Anyone feel up to the task? I think this is seriously worthwhile.

Ace idea, Albert. I enjoy all your contributions. Clever.

With best wishes,