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Re: Re: SETI public: Why is ET silent?

Your information is correct, Bob.  But for subscriptions and back issues, 
write to SFA Circulation, P. O. Box 1654, Williamsport, PA 17703.  (Back 
issue is $5 including postage.)  No email or phone number is given.
     I found lots of copies in a large bookstore in Toronto.
>>      When David Brin joined the Invitation to ETI group, he immediately
>> came up with some insightful ideas about why ETI has been silent so far.
>> If ETI is 100,000 years ahead of us, it presumably is monitoring us one
>> way or another.  So why has it so far refused to have a dialogue with
>> humankind?
>>      David produced an enjoyable and useful article on this topic, framed
>> as a message to ETI.  ("Why are you silent?   If your silence is because
>> of so-and-so, then my response is so-and-so...")  It appears in the
>> January 2000 issue of Science Fiction Age.  He solicits responses to the
>> article through email lists, such as this one, with a summary eventually
>> sent to him by email.
>Hello Allen,
>I am generally unfamiliar with SF periodicals, and my search produced only
>the following:
>       Science Fiction Age
>       Scott Edelman, Editor
>       11305 Sunset Hills Road
>       Reston, VA 20190
>Is this correct?  If so, do you happen to have an E-mail address so I
>can determine where this magazine is distributed in my area?
>Robert M. Owen
>The Orion Institute
>57 W. Morgan Street
>Brevard, NC 28712-3659 USA

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