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Re: SETI public: Why is ET silent?

> If we reverse this, life elsewhere, as we know it, MIGHT bother with us, no
> matter how advanced. Life as we do not know it would probably have the same
> difficulty recognizing us as life and MIGHT NOT bother with us.

It's difficult, of course to see us from the viewpoint of a species very much
advanced of us.   But they have probably scanned (or visited?) most/all the
planets within this galaxy, and everything about all the varying life forms
encountered will be fully documented by them.
If they have many examples for study, of planets/life similar to ours, they
may not ever bother to take a second look at us.  If we are unique, then that
may entice them to contact us, but again, being advanced, they may learn
everything keeping their distance.   Our *non* uniqueness,  (if that is what
we turn out to be), maybe why no one has called?
Alternatively, if no one is knocking at my door, it may not be because there
are visitors outside, who for their own reasons do not knock,  but much more
likely to be that there just isn't anyone outside to knock!   :-(