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Re: SETI public: Why is ET silent?

>Of those 100000 yrs ahead, why should they bother with the puny things
>of this Earth?......!  Aren't we being very arrogant to think that they

100,000 years ahead of us? I don't know. Let's consider our own behavior. If
we could somehow bring back to life, a man frozen in the last ice age,
would we not want to make contact? (I believe a fantasy movie has been made
on this theme).  Of the 'primitive' tribes deep in the remote areas of our
planet, how many years ahead of them do we consider ourselves? And yet, we
have contacted these tribes (the ones we know about).

My point is, IMHO, that I don't think it is a matter of how far advanced ETI
is. I think the problem lies in the statement "life as we know it".

We are constrained to looking for life as we know it. The reason is simple.
Life as we DO NOT know it, will be unrecognizable as life to us. Seeking
life on other worlds, we have to look to the models of life that we
have....those here on Earth. Many (mostly sci-fi authors) come up with
versions of life that are DIFFERENT than what we see on Earth, but they
still have properties that we consider  important indicators of life. For
example, needing water and some form of energy, a fuel supply of some kind,
and the ability to reproduce. This is life as we know it.

Life as we do not know it may not even look as life to us at all! Would we
recognize something as being alive that exists in a dry, desicated vacuum
with no food supply, and no energy source? I don't think so. And I realize I
am reaching into the realm of fantasy here, with all this. But the point is
there is so much about our universe that we do not know, that what we DO
know, pales by comparison.

If we reverse this, life elsewhere, as we know it, MIGHT bother with us, no
matter how advanced. Life as we do not know it would probably have the same
difficulty recognizing us as life and MIGHT NOT bother with us.

Maybe ETI is silent because they don't even know we are here.