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Re: SETI public: "Universe" and MPL

>Is your TV program re alien communication being shown soon Richard,
>and also in USA and other countries?

Yes, Albert, and thanks for asking. Transmission in the UK in on December 
20th, 9 pm on Channel Four. In America, The Learning Channel are aiming 
to transmit early in the New Year - but I don't yet have a date.

It's called "Talking with Aliens". It picks up where most SETI programmes 
(like last night's "Universe") - i.e., it doesn't ask, '*will we hear 
from ETI', it asks what happens next.  Basically it's an attempt to 
explore the question, 'how alien could aliens be?'. I hope folks wioll 
enjoy it. I may put out a reminder the day before it's due to transmit - 
as long as that isn't too much shameless plugging.

>Re latest MPL failure....last one caused by mixing up yards with metres.
>Maybe this one , (as it's near Xmas), was caused by someone mixing up
>pints with litres!!    :-)

Or maybe the probe hit Santa while he was out test-driving the sleigh...