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SETI public: "Universe" and MPL

Richard Burke-Ward wrote:

> >If this series, "Universe", is ever exported to USA etc. it's worth
> >seeing.
> It will be, on The Learning Channel, pretty early in the New Year.

I saw alien life episode last evening....well worth watching.
Interesting seti software shown running.  (even a waterfall).
Also interviews with leading USA seti hunters......
...one of them keeps bottle of 'bubbly' in a frig to celebrate if ET
is ever found.
I guess that will be a real 'vintage' bottle when/if  ever opened. :-)

Is your TV program re alien communication being shown soon Richard,
and also in USA and other countries?

Re latest MPL failure....last one caused by mixing up yards with metres.
Maybe this one , (as it's near Xmas), was caused by someone mixing up
pints with litres!!    :-)