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SETI public: Re grid squares ---

Let's keep the grid squares --

They are widely used - globally -- in the amateur radio community,
particularly among VHF/UHF operators.  They are the basis for word wide
operating awards.

Several URLs are available, including a link at the SETILeague site, which
easily convert Lat/Long to grid square.

They are really  not difficult to use once you get the hang of them.

Global grid square maps are available at nominal cost at the Amateur
Radio Relay League offices in Newington , Ct --- see grid square link at
SETIL-- home page.

The 6 digit locator is unique to a given site.  Yes, it is possible to
have more than one ARGUS site at the same locator, but it is very unlikely
--- certainly for the foreseeable future.  And, it wouldn't be serious if
it happened.

I didn't like the locator system when it first happened, but I've gotten
used to it, and it works very well.

Hope this has been helpful ---

Tom Sanders
Reg.Coord. NW.US