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SETI public: Who's watching HD119850 now?

Have you seen this non-tech blurb?

Source:  Home News Tribune - East Brunswick, New Jersey

Was it a blip or a beacon from cosmos?  11/29/99

Walt Williams, 99.11.29


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Date:          Mon, 29 Nov 1999 18:41:54 -0800
To:            public@setileague.org
From:          Scot Stride <sstride@starquest.net>
Subject:       SETI public: Who's watching HD119850 now?


Is anyone in radio SETI continuing to monitor HD119850 for another
pulse, or has it gone the way of the "Wow"? Can someone refresh me
on what the third verification test is after multiple-site
acquisition and off-axis pointing, is it drift-scan? How many more
tests are there after that? Is there a database containing a list
of hits like this one, which passed the first or second tests?

Very Best,

S. Stride