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SETI public: Re: Would we have enough in common with ETIs to decipher their

David wrote:
>You deleted that step from the reply.  It was you who said that a sonar
>using lifeform might have no concept of a two dimensional image, not

Humble apologies, David. I didn't even perceive that step of your reply - 
the omission was not deliberate. Now that I understand, your point is 
well made. thisw would certainly limit the value such beigs would see in 
this kind of instrument.

The mathematical derivation of projecting 3 dimensions onto 2 may be 
within their grasp, but there are other more basic solutions. Perhaps 
they would devlop interferometry far more ewasily than us. Or perhaps 
their display *would* be three dimensional, with the third dimension 
displaying intensity...

Even if they understand this kind of quasi-2-dimensional display, 2-d 
representation would be incomplrehensible - the concept of an outline as 
a picture, for example.

You raise some other truly profound points in your note - which I do not 
have time to consider this morning. I'll try to get to them later today 
if at all possible. You are suggesting a complete new 'take' on maths 
which they might consider the natuiral order of things - isometric with 
our own maths, of course, but possibly so different it would take us 
years to begin to fathom it. Interesting...