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Re: SETI public: TLC

At 06:34 PM 11/24/99 CST, Sean C. wrote:
> I heard of an idea purposed 
>by SETI to possibly build a radio observatory on the far side of the moon 
>where there would be no Earthly interference.  Does anyone have any further 
>information on this subject?

One of the great champions of Lunar Farside SETI is Prof. Jean Heidmann of
the Paris Observatory.  Dr. Heidmann has convened an expert task-force to
propose just such a facility, with emphasis on building a suspended
reflector surface (Arecibo-style) in the 102 km diameter in Saha Crater.  I
have the honor of serving on Jean's committee, and will contribute what
ideas I can.  The science is certainly feasible, limited only by the cost
of lunar transport.  A proposal will be put forth to the European Space
Agency.  Although I personally see no short-term opportunity for funding, I
am nevertheless hopeful that this dream may indeed come about within my
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