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status report

	As of this evening, there are 48 of us registered for the Public email list.  This is a small fraction of the 250 or so who were subscribed to Bob Cutter's SETI list, but I am pleased to see we have attracted many of the more active and serious SETIzens.  I thank you for your participation, and for the high level of discourse which has already marked this list as a positive force in the SETI community.
	I notice that although the old seti@sni.net list has not yet been terminated, its traffic has dropped off markedly.  I have thus removed myself from that list, to devote more of my time and attention to this one.  Although I will not speak for Bob, I imagine it would help him in his expressed desire to wind that list down, if others signed off from his list and brought their on-topic traffic here.
	It appears from our posts to date that we are all pretty much in agreement on what consititues on-topic posts for this forum.  I thank all of you who have helped to forge a concensus.
	Although this list is open to SETI League members and non-members alike, let me invite you all to consider becoming active SETI League members.  We can use your support as well as your participation.  You may use the forms on our website to join, or to request a membership brochure.  Alternatively, anyone emailing a *postal* address to join@setileague.org will receive a brochure and membership application form.
	Yours for Contact,