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SETI public: Far Side Radio Telescopes (was: TLC)

> <td width="100%" valign="top"><font face="Arial, Helvetica" color="#000000"><div name='messagebody'>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I first learned about SETI League from a program on The Learning Channel; Understanding... ET.&nbsp; In the program, I heard of an idea purposed by SETI to possibly build a radio observatory on the far side of the moon where there would be no Earthly interference.&nbsp; Does anyone have any further information on this subject?

I believe there have been proposals of far side radio telescopes for
many years.  Most of them have never been funded.  Possibly there is
no funding for current proposals.  Their main benefit is for use on
frequencies other than the protected radio astronomy frequencies that
are often treated as the likely frequencies for SETI contacts, where
local interference has more of a nuisance value than actually preventing
use of the frequencies.  Any funding will almost certainly be on the
basis that SETI represents only a small part of the observation time and
is paid for with non-government funds at full commercial rates, given the
very high costs likely to be involved with such a telescope.