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Re: Public: Science news posts & Mediocrity

Does the new edition also mention Optical SETI?  The original
edition in 1990 only did so through a science fiction story
by Ben Bova, written in 1962.  Hopefully the perspective has
widen a bit since then.


At 08:05 PM 11/21/1999 -0500, Dr. H. Paul Shuch wrote:

>At 06:53 PM 11/21/99 -0500, Robert Owen wrote:
>>A book published in l991
>>ought to be required reading for the discussion of this issue:
>>the title is "FIRST CONTACT The Search for Extraterrestrial
>>Intelligence" edited by Ben Bova and Byron Preiss 
>A second edition (copyright 1999) just came out.  The chapter by Dr. D.
>Kent Cullers (WA6TWX) on amateur SETI, which formed the basis for much of
>what became The SETI League and Project Argus, has been updated to talk
>about The SETI League and Project Argus!  We come full circle...
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