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Re: Public: Science news posts & Mediocrity (META)

>         The problem arises when some of the empirical SETIzens feel that the
> list will be diluted beyond usefulness by the more philosophical messages. 

The problem is not philosophical messages, it was general space science
and astrobiology postings.  The Argus list covers the specific technical
issues for amateur SETI and newsgroups like sci.space.news cover general
space news and space advocacy.

> >Yup, as we slip into mediocrity and the talent starts looking 
> >elsewhere.

I almost left the old seti list because of the almost total lack of
on topic material (R.O. produced so few on topic articles that I gave
up looking for the exceptions).  I probably would have left it after
the immediate reaction to my intention to leave had died down if the
new list had not been announced in the meantime.  I have now unsubscribed.

>         Now, I'm not sure I follow your logic. I would expect the talent to
> be perfectly capable of running a mental filter over the public list
> discussions, if they're less interested in non-empirical messages.

The problem with the old list is that I was filtering about 95% of
the articles, not because they were not empirical, but because their
reposter had established a reputation for not SETI.