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Re: Public: Science news posts & Mediocrity

At 10:35 PM 11/21/99 +0000, Richard Burke-Ward wrote:

>So what do youy say, Paul? The traffic is going through the SETI League 
>server anyway. How about putting it on a separate subscribable list?

	The SETI League, Inc. is already providing four separate email lists (plus a large website, and limited ftp/telnet functions, all on the same contributed server, all using the donated *half* of an ISDN line).  With our huge staff (me fulltime, plus a part-time secretary), that's about all we can support.  We simply lack the resources (personnel, server space, bandwidth) to offer any more lists.  
	However, if there is a desire among some of our members to have a separate exobiology news list (as distinctly separate from a SETI *discussion* list), anyone is free to set one up.  I would recommend using egroups.com or onelist.com, which have recently merged.  Either one offers free list server functions, in return for small advertisements placed at the bottom of the emails.  Check out their respective websites for further details.