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Public: I have my _free_ Dataq ADC convertor & Power

>Only one is active. The channels digitize up to 10 volts.

Actually all four channels are active, the softare supplied only 
supports one channel. But it is easy to write your own, or plop 
down the $50 (USD). I have about a dozen of these little units. 
The unit arrives with a sticky tape, for sticking unit to 
something of interest :)

Mdl DI-194, Four inputs, EIA RS-232-C serial interface, powered 
by serial line. 

Walt Williams, 99.11.20

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From:          MarcusJohn@aol.com
Date:          Sat, 20 Nov 1999 22:13:36 EST
Subject:       Public: I have my _free_ Dataq ADC convertor 
To:            argus@setileague.org, public@setileague.org

   Some time ago someone posted a hyperlink to Dataq corporation
   offering a 
free digital to analog convertor. I requested one. It is indeed
free. It came in a box. It is a bare printed circuit card with a
few components surface mounted on it, about the size of a pack of
gum. It is powered by the PC's port itself, like my homebrewed
ICOM controller box. It has 4 channels. Only one is active. The
channels digitize up to 10 volts. The software key to unlock the
other channels costs 49 dollars. It will convert only up to 256
samples per second. The software is free. I have not installed it
   If anyone else is interested, then apply for one before this
   It is www.dataq.com. 

John Marcus.