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Re: Argus: I have my _free_ Dataq ADC convertor

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Sent: Saturday, November 20, 1999 10:13 PM
Subject: Argus: I have my _free_ Dataq ADC convertor

Rich replies:
I got mine too.. (And a buddy at work)..

>    Some time ago someone posted a hyperlink to Dataq corporation offering
> free digital to analog convertor. I requested one. It is indeed free. It
> in a box. It is a bare printed circuit card with a few components surface
> mounted on it, about the size of a pack of gum. It is powered by the PC's
> port itself, like my homebrewed ICOM controller box. It has 4 channels.
> one is active.

All 4 are active, you can only record from one channel. The main display
screen looks like a 4 channel O-scope.

>The channels digitize up to 10 volts.

Make that + & - 10 volts.. -10 to +10..

>The software key to  unlock the other channels costs 49 dollars.

Of course the hackers will see this as a challenge..

 >It will convert only up to 256 samples per second.

Very slow, but it was displaying 2 channels of square and/or sine
waves from a function generator on my bench at work..
(But only running at brain wave speeds)..

> The software is free. I have not installed it yet.

It's a snap to install, just stick on the back panel of your PC,
it plugs into the DB9 RS-232 port.
Load up the program (CDROM) and perform the cal and it's
ready to display 4 channels of data.
A neat little board, maybe it would be good for monitoring LNA
temperature, LNA power supplies and maybe even do some RA,
using a square law detector...
I'm going to use mine to track temperatures..
There are also 3 bits of analog I/O, but I'm not that far into the manual..
(The CD is at work)..
73, Rich<>

>    If anyone else is interested, then apply for one before this offer
> expires It is www.dataq.com.
> John Marcus.