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Public: Science news posts & Mediocrity

Hello Amanda, Richard, et al,

I don't really know what Richard means about 'vaguely
SETI-related science'. 

>Walt I think we all know what Richard Burke-Ward means by that.
The continual posting of articles that have NOTHING to do with
searching for ETI.  Originally I thought that these postings
might help restore the vigor that existed on Bob Cutter's open
SETI list prior to the DI attack on the list --the so-called
'EQ-Pegasi Hoagx'. But it hasn't. The vast majority of these
posts have nothing to do with narrow-band (far-away) SETI or
Near Earth SETI.

In my personal opinion, the search for conditions suitable for
life in the Solar System (eg Europa), and for planets around
other stars, for example, are strongly and closely SETI-related

Amanda, I struggle with your point, as I too am interested in 
these subjects, especially in the context of life in the cosmos. 
However, the problem I see with this point is that we (meaning 
people such as myself who are actively searching for technical 
signatures of ETI), we are looking for ExtraTerrestrial 
INTELLIGENCE, not microbes or how microbes can survive the rigors 
of space inside a rock "blasted" off a planet via a meteoric 
impact.  It is interesting, but unrelated how ETI may 
be sending us signals or how ETI may be visiting Earth. The 
allure of this group has always been its central theme, 
searching for technical signatures ET Intelligence. That is what 
makes this group special. There are many space, astronomy and 
astrobiology/exobiology lists out there in cyberspace. 

But of course this is an open list.

Discussions about such projects also seem to be on-topic
according to the Web notes quoted above. 

Yup, as we slip into mediocrity and the talent starts looking 

Best Regards,

Walt Williams, 99.11.20