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Public: What is SETI exactly?

Hello Richard,

I do appreciate your courtesy on the matter, but I do have
to ask:  What exactly IS considered appropriate here?  Do we
just post SETI news?  How about exoplanets?  Extremophiles?
Speculation on what lives in Europa's ocean or under the
surface of Mars?  What about civilizations elsewhere?

We already have a strictly hardware SETI List for Argus.
Do we want just an extension of this in the open list?
I for one cannot see how we can separate the biology with
the technology, otherwise we will always be shooting in
the dark literally in our Search for ET(I).

Paul Shuch has okayed me on such posts, if I keep them
to blurbs and URLs.  A little disappointing, but better
I suppose than no info and news at all.

What do folks want here?  I will go with majority rules.