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Public: Science news posts

It seems as though the posts of vaguely SETI-related science news are to 
continue on the new e-mail system Paul has set up. Please don't take 
offence, Larry - I know many people find your posts interesting and 

However, surely there has to be a way of sending these posts to the 
people who want them, not just indiscriminately? Larry, would it not be 
possible to set up a group e-mail function on your own system which folk 
could write to you and ask to be put onto? You could just add their 
addresses to the group list... Then you'd be sending the news to the 
people who want the service, not just to everyone whther or not they want 

It's tricky. Those who want this news are pleased. But to the rest of us, 
it's as though we have to put up with spam just for the privilege of 
being on a list that discusses SETI. Surely in an age of automation and 
digital technology there has to be a better solution than sending this 
stuff to everyone regardless of their own wishes?