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ready to launch...

	Signups for public@setileague.org, The SETI League's new open, unmoderated email list, seem to be progressing smoothly.  The list will thus be officially open for business on Saturday morning, 20 November 1999, at 0000Z, and our website will so announce.  My thanks to those of you who have helped us to establish and test this communications medium.
	Just one request: be sure to follow EXACTLY the signup instructions at <http://www.setileague.org/admin/openlist.htm>.  A few of you have sent your signup messages to the list <public@setileague.org> rather than to our robot software <majordomo@setileague.org>.  I have manually intervened thus far, but will be unable to do so once the list takes off.  Your cooperation is appreciated.
	Open note to Bob Cutter:  I have decided *not* to auto-enroll those email addresses which are now on seti@sni.net.  Those wanting to join the new list will have to take some direct action.  When you are ready to terminate your list, can you provide an automatic response to queries, refering posters to the new list and pointing them to <http://www.setileague.org/admin/openlist.htm> for further info?  Thanks.
	To all:  I look forward to stimulating conversation on public@setileague.org, will be monitoring traffic, and will respond to queries as my time allows, either through the list directly.  Thanks for your interest and participation.