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Re: Public: satellite ?

>At 01:07 AM 11/17/99 +0100, elisabeth wrote:
>>Do you know if the idea of an amateur satellite making some SETI
>>listening has allready been proposed (as a common study of AMSAT and
>>SETI League for example) ?

There has been some thought, and informal discussion, but no formal proposal at this time.  Amsat is currently putting all its resources into the upcoming launch (aboard an Ariane V) of Phase 3D, the most ambitious amateur communications satellite ever.  The Amsat Annual Meetings these past several years have included panel discussions of "where do we go after Phase 3D?" and I have been pleased to participate in those forums.  It should come as no surprise to SETI League members that I have suggested a radio astronomy and SETI component to future Amsat projects.  It remains to be seen what resources (especially in terms of energy and interest) remain within Amsat once the long-awaited launch occurs.  I will of course keep you all posted.
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