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Public list constraints

	My thanks to those of you who have signed up for The SETI League's new open email list, public@setileague.org.  The process has in general been going quite smoothly, and I anticipate no problems in officially activating the list within a week or so.
	I do need to caution all list users, however, about signing up from the actual email address you will be using.  I have received several requests from email address 'a', to sign up email address 'b' for the list.  Even though both email addresses may belong to the same person, this WILL NOT WORK, and the requests bounce back to me for action.  
	The SETI League's small paid staff (me and a parttime secretary) and numerous volunteers are tasked to the fullest in running a scientific organization.  I regret that we do NOT have the resources to reroute bounced list traffic, or respond to faulty registration requests.  In short, anything that doesn't happen automatically on the public list simply will not happen.  Please follow the subscription instructions EXACTLY and post ONLY from your registered email address.  Thank you for your cooperation.
	One other note for those of you who might be new to email lists.  The list address (public@setileague.org) is to be used ONLY for list traffic (anything sent to that address from a subscribed email address will go to everybody on the list).  Therefore, please do NOT send administrative type requests (subscriptions, un-subscriptions, etc.) to the whole list.  All list administration is done by our software robot, via the address majordomo@setileague.org.  This address does NOT receive human attention, so please do NOT send list messages to majordomo --  only signups and cancellations, and only in the proper form as previously posted.
	With your help, we will shortly have a powerful communications facility at our disposal.  Thanks for your interest in open, unmoderated and *on-topic* SETI discussion.