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SETI Question...

Yuri Yuryev ( )
Tue, 22 Sep 1998 00:40:08 -0800

Hello SETIzens,

I have a question in regard to pictorial representations of different parts of
the sky in radio spectrum. And the question is:
How is it done?
I understand (on a basic level) how you can produce a picture in the optical
spectrum... The OF waves enter trough a telescope into your eye (or camera,
etc) and get projected onto an aretna or pixels, if you will, both of which
have a two-dimensional area, out of which a picture can be produced.
However, in radio astronomy you only get one signal, one wave, which enters an
LNA! So how do you produce a two-dimensional picture out of one signal without
"wiggling" your dish?

Thank you in advance,