archive: SETI A hair-brained idea

SETI A hair-brained idea

Colin Crook ( )
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 19:47:43 +0100

Hey people,
I have another hair brained idea.
Ok first,light is a form of radiation.So are radio waves.Now if a telescope
can magnafify light 400x,couldn't it also do the same with radio waves?You
could focus your telescope on a star,put your reciver at the eye piece,and
get a signal 400x more powerful!If this would work,it would cost less than
a dish,and take up less space.So,would it work?
Paul,what was the URL with the recuiremants for being a VolCor?
and what is the e-mail address to send letters to the VolCor mailing list?

"So many radio emissions,such "little" dishes"
Colin Crook
Reginol Corordinator