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Re: SETI General Inquiry via Website
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 16:06:52 -0600

Margaret Mazzolini (by way of Dr. H. Paul Shuch ) wrote:
> At Swinburne University of Technology we are currently developing
> "Swinburne Astronomy Online", an online Graduate Certificate in
> Astronomy. Starting in 1999, the course will contain both
> general-interest and more specialist units. The course content will be
> rich in multimedia animations and simulations and incorporate newsgroup
> communications & discussion of up-to-date astronomy and space news.

I have several questions about this astronomy online program offered by
SUofT. My initial reaction was hey maybe this can help but after
visiting the site the price per course caught my eye $1000.00 (AUD).
Anyway maybe someone knows of this outfit or of some of the people
involved and can pass that along. My specific questions are...(in a very
particular order)

1. Whats an AUD worth Canadian or at least US?
2. Is an Astronomy course that requires no or tertiary knowledge of math
worth paying for?
3. A full graduate course is available that consists of - near as I can
figure - only 4 courses. Is that a normal course load for graduate
astronomy students? (dont think so)
4. Anyone heard of or participated in ANY corespondance or online
Astronomy courses (radio or not) that they can recommend?

Anyway I would appreciate any input from the membership - particularly
the folks down under who can solve my AUD mystery

Glen Ketchum