archive: SETI Re: RFI 'Wow's' Are Important.

SETI Re: RFI 'Wow's' Are Important.
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 18:37:29 EDT

On Mon, 14 Sep 1998 21:02:55 EDT writes:
>To Paul et al:
>I just wanted to pay you guys a compliment. I check out the latest
>'what we've seen so far' web page and was impressed with examples of RFI
>This is EXACTLY one of the things that needs to get done AND needs to be


Rich Comments:
I second that motion. Early on, due to a lack of attention to detail,
I didn't look at all of the 'what we've seen so far' pictures.

It was big mistake on my part. Being a newbie and not
knowing that my R8500 only had 20db of image rejection,
I was faked out by a GPS signal (down on 1426 Mhz)..
(on 3/8/98).

Anyone who is running an Argus system should take a good
look at those waterfalls. It could save them some adrenalin.

73, Rich <>

Richard Tyndall NJ1A Woburn, MA. USA or
ARGUS Observatory FN42jl
(The opinions expressed above are just that).

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