archive: SETI Re: Distant Spacecraft Seem To Be Showing No Respect For The Laws Of Physics

SETI Re: Distant Spacecraft Seem To Be Showing No Respect For The Laws Of Physics

Mr. Largo ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 23:12:42 -0400

I thought that this was weird too. I was wondering though... I had
seen in an article about this that the probes that were experiencing the
tug were in the plane of the solar system and one that had gone over the
sun's pole did not experience it once it was out of the plane. I was
wondering if this simply could not be just the gravitational pull of the
dust and gas and asteroids that are in the disc of our solar system.
>From every point in the solar system, unless your right on the sun, more
than 50% of the system's mass will be on one side of you and it will
always be in the direction of the center of the system. So would not
the pull be greater in the direction of the center of the system and
slightly more than predicted by the mass of the sun since it would be
the combined pull of the sun and all other mass in the system? The
craft that traveled over the pole would be getting a tug from the whole
system at right angles and would not show as much of a deflection or
slowing as one in the plane?

Does this make sense? It does in my head.
Ron Baalke Wrote:

This did sound really weird, so I confirmed it with John Anderson at
JPL. Anderson has been closely monitoring the positions of Pioneer
10 & 11 and Voyager 1 & 2 for several years, to see if a large body
(ie: 10th planet) would slightly tug on the spacecraft out of its
predited path.

He did find a tug, but it was towards the Sun. And the
the extra tug was only observered in the spacecraft only,
and not in any of the other planets. That is the weird part, and
is why some people have described it is some kind of systematic error.

Nevertheless, Anderson is publishing his findings.

Ron Baalke

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