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Re: SETI RE: Demise of SetiQuest
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 13:55:51 EDT

In a message dated 98-09-09 13:42:08 EDT, you write:

<< Chip, is there any way Carl could make SETIQuest a strictly online
subscription publication? This would remove most publishing costs
and still keep SQ alive. Would it be worth passing on to him?



I can't speak for Carl but my sense is that editorial costs don't go away, and
Carl doesn't want to run a publication through volunteer efforts. I am not
saying that can't be done--your own excellent volunteer efforts on EJASA are a
prime example-- but that's not what he wants to do. Also, as you know, Drew
put his heart and soul into SQ; to ask him to continue that without pay is
inappropriate, IMHO.

I would speculate that you couldn't do any kind of quality effort without
$50-$80K per year min for an 'electronic ' magazine...