archive: SETI RE: Demise of SetiQuest

SETI RE: Demise of SetiQuest
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 13:00:26 EDT

Several insiders have known about the demise of SQ for the last month,
including myself. It is painful and unfortunate. However, Carl Helmers
deserves major kudos for keeping SQ up and running for so long--at a major
financial loss.

The problem was that SQ targetted the scholarly end of the popular market and
, unfortunately, the several thousand subscribers intended didn't materialize.
Furthermore, magazines almost always meet costs through ads, of which there
were virtually none in SQ.

Given that economic times are good and subs are low, I too would concur with
Carl's decision. Of course, as a board member and author I am pained by this
but I don't see how Carl could have done anything different.

As a board member of SETINOW, I ran by the idea of sponsoring SQ.
Unfortunately the board feels, that although SQ is an excellent publication,
it is, predominantly a print media. SETINOW expects to use the net (website)
exclusively for its material, without a magazine format or focus or cost.

I also understand an institute devoted to SETI considered the idea of taking
it on, but it is probably fair to assume this did not transpire.