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Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 09:34:38 -0400

As has now been made public by Carl Helmers, the wonderful quarterly
magazine SETIQuest has ceased publication. Carl and I became acquainted
when I wrote a guest editorial for his other publication, Sensors. But we
became good friends during the four years which SearchLites and The SETI
League shared. Carl published (I believe) 16 issues before he had to cut
his losses. This was a good business decision, which we all regret.
Those of you who were active in the SETI community a generation ago will
recall John Kraus' excellent quarterly magazine "Cosmic Search." It lasted
a total of 13 issues before John ran out of funds. (BTW, complete
collections of Cosmic Search are available through Radio Astronomy
Supplies. I hope RAS will consider also packaging and selling complete
sets of SETIQuest.)
The demise of SETIQuest follows by just a month the announcement by Larry
Van Horn that the monthly magazine "Satellite Times" is being terminated.
These are indeed hard times for publishers!
I frequently receive requests to expand SearchLites, our own quarterly
newsletter, to full magazine status, or to increase its frequency of
publication. Just entering its fifth year, SearchLites has grown from four
to eight pages, during its 16 issue run (to date). But for the time being,
that's where we're keeping it -- at eight pages, and published quarterly.
When asked why we don't expand it further, my answer has been that The SETI
League is a membership-supported science organization, not a publisher, and
that we lack the resources to do it right. This answer is still valid,
though the need is now greater than ever, but to it I now add three more
reasons for not expanding SearchLites: Cosmic Search, Satellite Times, and
The SETI League will of course do its best to fill the void, will continue
to provide its members with up-to-date SETI information through the
(sparse) pages of SearchLites, and to keep the world at large informed
through our press releases, email discussion lists, and website. We do,
however, deeply mourn the loss of these other, excellent information sources.
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