archive: Re: SETI Yet another hair-brained-antenna-idea? Not really.

Re: SETI Yet another hair-brained-antenna-idea? Not really.
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 09:18:54 EDT

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they built the first Earth Rotation Synthesis receiver. The system was
for radio receiving,

*ERS applies to the array...not the receiver; but I understand what you mean.
But is this true? I thought they just got their UV's from the baselines, in
real-time. I don't think they sythesized an array using earth rotation; the
time scale of solar events is of order the earth rotation time range. ERS
assumes the object does not change its structure over the time scale of
observation, which is presumably hours.

but allowed the team of scientists to build the interferometer
for observing
the sun. The idea was to bounce the signal of the water and at the same time
receive the signal
directly from the sun.

*That's a sea interferometer; could you be confusing the two? Memory may not
serve but I presumed Ryle did ERS first.

This allowed them to create the first Synthesis radio
(called a sea interferometer because they used the ocean first)

*Oops, you said it here:-)

which formed the >>

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