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Re: SETI:ET Probes

David Ocame ( )
Tue, 08 Sep 1998 20:09:54 -0400

Noel C. Welstead wrote:
> Dear Setizens,
> Earlier this week I was contacted by the co-ordinator for the UFO Hot
> line organization.
> This organization is purely dedicated to the accurate reporting of these
> phenomena and
> not a "fringe" organization. Their site is ranked in the top 5% of the
> Australian internet
> sites and I had a look at it last night.
> The address is for anyone interested. There is
> an interesting
> link about the coming 17th November Meteor storm.
> Regards Noel C. Welstead
> Brisbane Australia Seti League Volcor
I checked out this site last night - albeit, cursorily - but it LOOKS
actuaqlly respectable! I think this is great! Finally a UFO group that
will attempt a SCIENTIFIC approach to examining the UFO 'phenomenon'.
Most people take it for granted that when a person says "UFO", they mean
lgm's from other worlds, visiting us. I would love to see scientific
studies designed to put this subject to rest. You know, verifiable proof
of existence. Not just silhouettes of people saying they saw something!

Oh well, I don't want to go off on this subject too much:)