archive: Re: SETI Yet another hair-brained-antenna-idea?

Re: SETI Yet another hair-brained-antenna-idea?
Tue, 8 Sep 1998 00:11:31 EDT

In a message dated 9/6/98 4:34:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

> others won't be reluctant to post after seeing my poor grade..
> (But please no more Jelly pools).. :-)
> ~73, RIch NJ1A

First off, not all grades are given for scientific merit or plausibility,
except in Chip's class. Rich gets an A for 1. participation, 2. creativity, 3.
effort, 4. Reason, 5. Reasonably good grammar, 6. Good sportsmanship in the
face of criticism.

So, Rich does not get a poor grade.

I certainly hope no-one is intimidated out of partipation by the criticism.

But I like the Jelly pools.

But I see no reason why salty water could not be a good reflector (pure water
is an insulator). Is a rotating liquid truly parabolic? For all I know it is
hyperbolic, or a catenary (the shape of a hanging chain or rope). Now, so I
don't have to spin it forever, I have to make it salty Jello...

John Marcus.