archive: Re: SETI Long Distance Echos

Re: SETI Long Distance Echos
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 14:48:50 EDT

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998 08:11:40 -0600 (MDT) writes:
>Hello SETIzens,
>Not a topic I expected to see on this list. I'm not sure I have an
>More than once I received my own signal back at 184.32KHz. The delay
>periods varied from seconds to minutes.

>R.J. Fear

The word 'minutes' kinda jumped out at me.. How about some details
on this one?? Please describe the experiment and give some info
re: the nature of the transmitted vs the echoed signal..

When you get time, no rush.. Right now I'm over-loaded with email.. :-)

Later, Rich <>

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