archive: Re: SETI LDE's / Yet another hair-brained-antenna-idea?

Re: SETI LDE's / Yet another hair-brained-antenna-idea?
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 14:38:12 EDT

RICH (Tyndall) Relies:
Hello Richard, I'm a little burnt out, so I may not be too coherent

On Mon, 7 Sep 98 10:53:41 +0100 Richard Burke-Ward
<> writes:
>Richar, thanks for the thoughtful reply.
>>there are a lot of open minded folks on these lists..
>>Maybe some folks think LDEs are like UFOs and want to
>>hold back their comments until they see others come clean..
>>(Of course no one wants people to think they are UFO kooks)..
>>In plain english, if ETI probes really exist (in this area), then
>>there is a very good likelihood of a link to many UFO

>Yes, there are a lot of open minded people (and sorry if I offended
>any of you by implying otherwise).

RICH Replies again:
You would be very surprised at the amount of positive
'Private Email' that I've received this morning. I guess we have to
understand that many people are in positions that makes it hard
for them to say anything that might jeopardize their credibility..

Reminds me of the airline near-miss part of CE3 where, when asked
"I repeat, Do you want to report a UFO", the captain replied
"Negative, we don't want to report <pause> one of those things"..

>That business of equating ETI probes and UFO's worries me too -
>because suddenyl a logical line of thought ends you up in 'crazy'

RICH Replies again:
Years ago a co-worker came into my office and saw a book in my
briefcase. It was 'Night Siege' by Dr. J. Allen Hynek & crew..
He looked at the book for 15 or 20 (mosty looking at the pics)
minutes before walking out without saying a word.

Weeks later, it seemed as if he went 'crazy'. Whenever we would
pass in the hall, he would become excited and start yelling
"Rich is a Nut! He believes in UFOs"!.. & Etc..
This went on for months.. It was so embarrassing, I finally had
a closed door meeting with the guy and found out what his
problem was.. It took a while but he finally told me about a
very scary CE experience he had while camping out
with some friends up in Maine. I tried to tell him that there
was likely some normal explanation for what he saw,
but he would have none of it.. I finally told him that maybe
he did see something un-explainable, but there were
thousands of people who have had almost identical CEs.
I told him to get some help if the nightmares continuted.
Afterwards he seems to be just fine..

>Personally I just keep an open mind. You can believe that *some* UFO
>sightings are genuinely unexplained phenomena (and therefore it is not
>possible categorically to exclude ETI involvement) *without* having to
>invoke conspiracy theories and aliens thaty look so like us that you
>can describe them by saying 'they look just like us, except...' ETI
>probes are a possible explanation - but we don't need explanations yet,
>need genuine scientific inquiry.
RICH Replies again:
Looking at all the blacked out parts of UFO reports obtain via
It's easy to see that much information is withheld. Some pages are
blacked out. It's not a conspiracy, it's just the way governments
They just like to keep things they don't understand to themselves
So long as money comes from grants, there may not be any large scale
genuine scientific inquiries..

>>Right now, it seems unlikely there is a link between probes and
>Absolutely. But they *are* a phenomenon where the explanation is
>currently a matter of faith not experiment. There may be a theory
>about plasma clouds - and it's probably right - but it is completely
>untested, and that means it is absolutely not a scientific explanation.
Yet. I
>was only suggesting that SETI League members are the ideal group to
>design and implement an experiment which gives scientific weight to
>whichever theory is accepted as most current.
>All of you could get your names in a scientific journal - I'm sure a
>radio / electronics journal would print an article on 'Effects of
>solar-originated plasma clouds on long-wave radio'.
>I just thought it might be worthwhile - whether the result is
>confirmation of the most likely theory or not.
>>We can only speculate. One thing I have found, is you can't
>>easily convince very many people that things that they personally
>>have never seen really exist.. Most folks are like me and have
>>that old ' Seeing is believing' MO..
>But you don't get to see unless you look!

RICH Replies again:
You never know, maybe I will take a look.. It seems like some
testing could be done with a 100W UHF beacon tranmitter.. I've got this
21 element Uda-Yagi, a KAM for CW and one extra PC for DSP logging..
I'll have to run some checks to see if there would be RFI on my Argus

>>And don't think for one second that looking for probes is a
>>back-burner project. La grange point & asteroid scanning
>>have been done and will most likely be done repeatedly with
>>better & better technology. There are researchers that
>>think that probes are possibly here now or have been here in
>>the past.
>Yes, I'm aware of this. And thank you for your open-mindedness - all
>of you. It is always a pleasure to correspond with people from this
>Long may it continue.

RICH Replies again:
We do have more open-mindedness than is readily apparent.
It's been fun. Good luck in the Search.. 73 Rich <>

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