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SETI Long Distance Echos
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 08:11:40 -0600 (MDT)

Hello SETIzens,

Not a topic I expected to see on this list. I'm not sure I have an opinion
on the theory that probes are transmitting signals back to us. All the
research I did on the phenonmenon pointed to very dense magnetic fields and
plasma. Conceptually the magnetic field lines around the earth act as a
conduit. The length of the conduit varying with the pressure of the solar
wind. My VLF receiver (2KHz to 10KHz) picks up lightning hits on the
southern hemisphere as whistlers. The theory being that the magnetic
conduit spreads out the spectrum contained in the lightning pulse.

More than once I received my own signal back at 184.32KHz. The delay periods
varied from seconds to minutes. I've also experimented with high wattage
pulse transmissions at very low frequencies (<30KHz) and had echos. It's a
shame I didn't get into FFT and data collection in the longwave days.

With all the long-wave beacon stations going off air as they convert to GPS
maybe we should put the equipment back in the racks and try again. Getting
my wife to buy off on putting the antenna (100' pole with a hat on it) back
up could be rough. The 30KHz transmitter isn't an option. 50KV Power
Supplies and 4 year old little boys don't mix.

R.J. Fear
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