archive: SETI Proper Quoting 101 (for us normal folks)

SETI Proper Quoting 101 (for us normal folks)

Walt Williams ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 03:13:42 +0000


I agree. However after two or three e-letters the nesting of
greater-than-signs can become confusing also.

People who work in universities, labs and government funded
science centers have been using the InterNet for many years, most
likely long before the advent of the 'web', back when it was
virtually all Unix e-mail or ftp sites.

Over the years, I have found through experimentation it is
easier to read multiply nested dialogs by inserting beginning
paragraph-block-tags denoted with authors' initials, such as:

>>WW (me)
...and Walt boldly drives his search model forward...

We are visiting, nobody is listening on our igsilvlat waves and we
are being sneaky too....

Greater-than-signs ">" are what my program generates, so that is

and etc.

In this manner with frugal editing one may retain thread dialog
context, and everyone knows who said what.

At the top of the thread as a further courtesy, I place a marquee,


>>WW : Walt Williams,
>>LGM : Little Grey Men
>>RS : Ray Shank

Best Wishes,

Walt Williams, 98.09.07
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Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 23:27:03 -0500
From: Ray Shank <>
Subject: Re: SETI - Proper Quoting 101 (for us normal folks)

For those that have contacted me via direct email, none of you are
those whom i am talking about. Some might seem to be a little strong
in you query. I would, however, like others to take note how this
message is quoted, for those who might need or want to know.

See how easy it makes the thread read?

At 09:11 PM 9/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I know I'm pretty dumb. but one thing I know, is how to quote, or allow my
>email client to quote messages so as others can better follow along with
>the tread.

Even if you break the trread with you own comments, you can still make
the thread easy to follow.

>Some of you, that are currently trying to persuade us, need to learn the
>simple way the email system quotes so that it is easy for others to follow
>the thread. You guyz are so involved in making sure we know how smart you
>are that you are not following the normal quoting schemes that most of us
>Please allow the email system to insert the ">" or the complete ">>" ,
>"<<" (aol) tags so that we know who said what. You may actually may need
>to add the quoting if you interrupt the normal quoting scheme.
>I understand you guyz are smart, but let's allow the others, like me, to
>follow along with your incredibly detailed dissertations, base corrections
>and edifying remarks by correctly documenting the threads.
>Thank you
>Ray Shank -
>Argus Observatory EM26eh
>Construction Site
Ray Shank -
Argus Observatory EM26eh
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