archive: SETI - Proper Quoting 101 (for us normal folks)

SETI - Proper Quoting 101 (for us normal folks)

Ray Shank ( )
Sun, 06 Sep 1998 21:11:46 -0500

I know I'm pretty dumb. but one thing I know, is how to quote, or allow my
email client to quote messages so as others can better follow along with
the tread.

Some of you, that are currently trying to persuade us, need to learn the
simple way the email system quotes so that it is easy for others to follow
the thread. You guyz are so involved in making sure we know how smart you
are that you are not following the normal quoting schemes that most of us

Please allow the email system to insert the ">" or the complete ">>" ,
"<<" (aol) tags so that we know who said what. You may actually may need
to add the quoting if you interrupt the normal quoting scheme.

I understand you guyz are smart, but let's allow the others, like me, to
follow along with your incredibly detailed dissertations, base corrections
and edifying remarks by correctly documenting the threads.

Thank you

Ray Shank -
Argus Observatory EM26eh
Construction Site