archive: SETI Re: Yet another hair-brained-antenna-idea?

SETI Re: Yet another hair-brained-antenna-idea?

David Ocame ( )
Sun, 06 Sep 1998 21:39:52 -0400 wrote:
> Greetings my fellow Setizens,
> I recently read a paper somewhere that included a list of past SETI
> searches.
> As I recall, one of those searches was done with a simple dipole
> on 1420 Mhz.
> Now that I've had some time to think about it, it may not be such
> a bad idea. A dipole (or a 2 turn LH Helix) could cover a lot of the sky.

Good idea! I've been thinking that maybe this might be a workable
solution to my non-BUD status. But instead of a simple dipole, how about
a 'square' sky wire? These would be directional upwards and take up even
less space, or could be configured to give even more gain by using
multiples of the wavelength.

I don't know. Just throwing ideas out.