archive: SETI Search for electromechanicals!

SETI Search for electromechanicals!
Sat, 05 Sep 1998 13:34:48 +0600

Just to share information on the search for motors and parts
for tracking and scanning and whatever. I've gotten involved
in order to experiment with greater integration times. These
are for the case of a non TVRO dish, but could apply.

Herbach &Rademan, of course:
Magna & Associates, links for fittings parts (gears, leadscrews, sprockets,
also steppers and encoders:
B & G Micro surplus motors etc.:
Dart, servos, motors, controls:
W.J. Ford, just about anything if you search (good prices):

John Willcox
40 00 00 N
75 30 30 W

Project Argus Observatory FN20fa