archive: (Fwd) SETI List SPAM

(Fwd) SETI List SPAM

Walt Williams ( (no email) )
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 19:16:54 +0000

The problem could be the 'Free' e-mail servers people are using, such
as,, (owned by MicroSoft --Big
Brother). Each time one of these are accessed your e-mail address is
registered and added to an automatic for sale spam-list. Everytime
somebody sends me e-mail or I send them e-mail to a 'Free' e-mail
server I start receiving spam.

I agree with David Wooley's reasoning about the 'who' function, it
is a shame that another InterNet freedom is lost to the
All-Mighty-Dollar greedy guts out there who do not care about
anything but themselves.

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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 09:21:24 -0600
From: (Bob Cutter)
Subject: SETI List SPAM

I did not receive the recent complained of SPAM, I'll try not to dwell
on the significance of that oversight!

Anyway, I have removed the "who" function from the list. The
membership list should not be available for such activities in the

The only drawback to this change is it removes one way to determine if
you have been dropped from the list for some mail problems. My
suggestion is that you sign up again if you feel that has happined,
the server will tell you if you are still on the list.

73, Bob KI0G