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SETI Radio Science in the Classroom
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 08:04:01 +0200


I think this will be of interest to this list - one good way
of getting support for building your own radio science equipment is to
team up with local schools, and that goes double for building an Argus


Amanda Baker (until 30 Sept 1998) (from 1 Oct 1998)


At the next URSI/USNC meeting (1999 January 4-7, Boulder CO) Commision J, the Radio Astronomy Commission, is sponsoring a session on 'Radio Science in the Classroom'. This session will occur on Tuesday, 5 Jan, in the afternoon. The current program includes the following ten talks; titles are tentative, but speakers have committed.

If, at this late hour, you suddenly decide you can't resist presenting a paper, please let me know. We might (that's MIGHT) be able to accomodate.

In any case, we look forward to your attendance and participation! ------------------------

Here's the current list:

Rick Perley: The NRAO/VLA Summer School

Mike Thursby: Florida Tech's Undergraduate Radio Astronomy Program

Preethi Pratap: The MIT/Haystack REI Program

Ben Malphrus: The Morehead Radio Telescope: An Instrument for Undergraduate Research

Doug Duncan: How to Design a Good Lab

Michael Klein: The Goldstone-Apple Valley Radio Telescope Project

Carl Heiles: Berkeley's Advanced Undergraduate Lab: a 21-cm Single Dish and 12-GHz Interferometer

Chris Walker: "The Steward Observatory Student Radio Telescope"

Steve Spangler: "Student Science and Engineering with a Small Radio Telescope".

Rick Fisher: "The NRAO Summer Program for High School Science Teachers"

--Carl Heiles

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