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Re: SETI receivers

Greg Preston ( )
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 23:36:17 -0400

Much of the receiving equipment developed by the SETI-League (Dr.
Shuch?) is available in kit form from Down East Microwave. I think you
can get this stuff already assembled as well. I haven't checked the
status of the receiver project lately, but I do know there is an LNA and
down-converter available.
It seems like a good project for members with experience with
electronics would be to help out novices with construction of a station.
Where do you live Matthew? Perhaps there is someone near you who could
help out.


Matthew G Cheung wrote:

> I was wondering, is their in the SETI League Technical Manual any
> instructions for building a receiver? If so, does it require a lot of
> technical knowledge?