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Re: SETI modulation of ETI transmission

Daniel Boyd Fox ( )
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 17:28:17 -0500 (EST)

Okay, I'm going to put forward a crazy idea and why I think the idea is
not so crazy.

When we think of radio waves we normally think of sine waves, but there is
nothing in nature that says a radio wave has to be a sine wave. While it
is true that a square wave can be broken down into the sum of an infinite
series of sine waves, a sine wave can also be broken down into an infinite
series of square waves. In fact, any periodic waveform can be broken down
into the sum of a series of any other periodic waveform. Keep this in

Now, one discovery in research on fractals were sounds that when recorded
and played back at half speed sounded the same. In fact, there were a lot
of interesting tricks that could be played with these fractal sounds. If
these tricks can be done with sound then they can be done with radio
waves. Doppler shifted white noise still sounds the same, but there may
well be another nonsinusoidal radio wave that will stand out in the noise
and not be effected by doppler shift.

Anybody care to dig into the idea?

Daniel Fox